About Journal

This journal is active in the philosophy of religion and rational theology domains, and introduces the most recent research findings of the Hawza and university researchers and scholars in these arenas to the respective scientific community.

Philosophy of religion is a science that aims at rational reflection on religions and rational examination of their doctrinal teachings.

Rational theology is related to the argumentative part of theology, and relies on rational argumentations to prove the doctrinal teachings of religions and rationally defend them.

As the philosophy of religion and rational theology revolve around the fundamental teachings of religions, the teachings common among religions or the ones that exist in a specific religion can be concentrated upon and rationally investigated.

This quarterly journal mainly focuses on research papers, and is published in order to improve researchers’ level of scientific knowledge, facilitate scientific interactions among them, and introduce the main advancements in various branches of philosophy of religion. Meanwhile, this journal welcomes the submission of various types of scientific articles, including research papers, case studies, methodologies, applied articles, and conceptual papers.