This article discusses relation between religious experience and religious pluralism. Firstly, it attempt to give clear definition on both of them. Religious experience means encounter of person with super natural or seeing of or participating in, them or knowledge that its object is God himself or things and beings connected to God. Religious Pluralism is a way for accounting for variety or plurality of revealed or unrevealed religious and believe that all religious doctrines in various religions are in a way true. Then it is discussed that john Hick who was instigator of religious pluralism in recent times depended it on religious experience and relgious experience on kant's doctrine on phenomenal and noumenal reality.
Then, it is been clear that religious pluralism also involve ones.
In the end, the result is that religious pluralism culminat in agnosticism because Hick held that any human conept can not be related to suprem Reality or in acceptance or accurancy a particular religion.