The Mind-Body problem is a gaping hole in contemporary philosophy of Mind. The problem briefly is: What is the nature of Mind and how is it related to and united with Body? The same questions had occurred as “Soul-Body” problem within classic western philosophy and Islamic one.
Mulla Sadra and Leibniz who have similar veiws delivering themselves from Avicenna and Descartes problems, try to solve the problem of relation of Soul and Body with more inherent coherency, in their theories.
Leibniz who was known a cartesian philosopher too, and had a critical method, rejected Descartes’ view. He introduced new definitions for Substance, Soul, body and union of Soul and Body to solve the mention problem. His solution to the problem is very near to Mulla Sadra’s. Mulla Sadra represented as a solution to the Avicenna’s problem, several new doctrines which the most important is “generation of the soul is corporal and its conservation is spiritul”.The theorical approximate of Soul and Body, and the. special definition of combinition of Soul and Body,are two common views of Mulla Sadra and Leibniz doctrines.