This essay argues on Humanism in the erea of education. An attempt has been made to reveal its beginning and basis, asserting that no thought could be constituted and developed without being supported and backed by philosophy.
First of all its phenomenology has been scruitinized: this doctrine that necessitates the considering of individual’s phenomenality and self — understanding to visualize his world — cognition has been emphasized. Then we turned to existentialism with the foucus of concern on essentiality and on impressive creature is capable of being self— existent or cause of causes.
These two thoughts as philosophical foundations is succeeded by a third power?
Which holds humanism in special meaning end?
It gives prominence to study the whole man and verifies his existence and phonamanetic aspects.
This essay is search for humanitical education suitable a newcomer who takes contemplating a good occasion.
All endeavors in this survy is to yield a whole notion called humanism, in such a way that its forming layers composed logically.