Knowing of the soul has very important in theology and antrophology. Knowing of soul is one of ways for the existence of God. For Kant, soul cannot be considerd as substance and also cannot given ontological aspecet to it, but it only epistemological and mental aspect.
In according of Kant . “I thing” carry with all our apperceptions but unlike of Descarts “I” is not a fact and self-existence, it is dependent upon my apperception, and also it is a non-content idea.
In this essay, it was most critizied Kant’s idea about substantiality of soul, including, that concepts of substance and accident are amoung philosophical secondary intelligences, not primary ones, as Kant believed. Kant held that understanding of substantiality of soul is by intellectual or sensual or sensual intutions, while there is a third way that is, conceptual knowing.