The problem of divine attributes and how they are attributed to the Lord's being and their relations with the true and pure Unity of God
are of the most fundamental epistemological problems in the realm of knowing the origin, which have been considered by different Muslim sects, particularly by the school of the innocent Imams (p.b.u.th.) since the old times. We have received several Hadiths from the innocent Imams (p.b.u.th.) on the topic, and theologists, philosophers, mystics and other Muslim thinkers have established different theories. In this article it has been tried to get to a right understanding of this problem through going over the opinions and views of Muslim scholars, especially the valuable thoughts of the sage philosopher and attained-union mystic the late Ghazi Sa'id Qumi(may God bless his soul!). He is the explicator of the noble book the unity by Abi-Ja'far Muhammad, the son of Ali, the son of Hussein, the son of Mousa, the son of Babeweih Qumi, known as Sheikh-e- Sadouq, which is based on the Hadiths from the Innocents (p.b.u.th.).