The present article, following the introduction and talking about the
necessity of the subject, has answered three fundamental questions:
1. Can sciences and philosophy be described as Islamic or non
2. Is the nature of the current philosophy Arabic?
3. Is the nature of the current philosophy Islamic?
We prove, through studying and criticizing the opinions of the
critics, that we can describe the current philosophy as Islamic. Moreover, we will answer the second question, after mentioning the racial opinions of orientalists and Arabs and studying and criticizing them, negatively.
Concerning the third question, first we disapprove of the theory that the current Islamic philosophy is intrinsically Hellenic, concerning Sohravardi's theory on the background of the Islamic philosophy and concerning the schools of Alexandria, Antioch, ancient Iran, India and Syriac schools. Then we state and criticize the theory of separation, and state the views of Allamah (savant) Tabatabaei and his pupils on the Islamic nature of the current philosophy. At the end, we will answer the criticisms of the critics, and clear up the meaning of the Islamic nature of philosophy.