LiteralIy, dialectic means' the technique of dialogue. Philosophically, it has several meanings such as the dialogue of Zeno, Sophists, Socrates and Plato. Carelessness in using them causes misunderstanding. .
Zeno used the word 'dialeCtic' first. In Plato's dialogUes, 'dialectic
is used in four senses:
1. In the early dialogues, it means the technique of argument by
means of question and answer. '
2; In the middle 'dialogues, it means actions based on suppositions, and" one of the specifications of dialectic is that it
destroys the hypotheses.. Now the question is that what the meaning of
destroying the hypotheses' is. "
3. In the late dialogues, it means the method ofdivision.
4. In the Republic, it means the education of philosopher -kings
or wise rulers, which finally turns to' the supreme form or the Idea. of the Good., Dialectic has two stages: 1. ascending dialectic, 2.
descending dialectic.,'
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