The theory of' Existential Poverty' that was revealed in philosophy and mysticism as being a pure relation and need of effect to and for cause, and a contingent being to and for the necessary being, or everything being the 'appearance' but God, and the manifestation of the' absolute Being', is originated in the revelational knowledge and the Qur'an and belongs to 'the Qur'an'; divine philosophers and mystics have gradually got to know its reasons.
The present article, which is presented to the school of wisdom and knowledge, explains the above theory in the light of revelation and
with a philosophical- mystical approach, and presents the wayfaring effect of knowing the poverty and believing in the poverty on the
perfection of man to the enthusiasts of the street of perfection and the
path to happiness. .
. I hope this piece of writing wilL be a step towards the QUI" anic wisdom and an advancement of
understanding Muhammadan (p.b.u.h.) words.