Education is to lead man towards the sublime human values, so that he understands, accepts and loves them and puts them into practice. A human who reaches this stage, may choose the values and becomes his own leader and educator, and this is the highest meaning of education, i.e. welcoming the values freely and consciously.
This article aims to show the philosophical foundations of Plato's viewpoints in education as an approach to true values. This approach is not only right for individuals, but also for society and its evolution, because society too could be evolving only when it moves towards the true values; and anytime its decisiveness weakens and it leaves the true values and becomes concerned with false ones, it will regress. Therefore, we can say that although on usual conditions we can control and programme only a small fraction of social conditions,
following Plato's educational approach, the most important duties of the rulers of all societies is to prepare these conditions in a way that they will be a good backdrop for the possibility of the development of abilities and the spiritual evolution of the society, i.e. welcoming the human values.