Mulla Sadra and Principality of Being

Dr. Mohammad Mohammad-Rezaii
Associate professor University of Tehran, Qom Campus

This essay will explain the doctrine of principality of being which it is one basic principles Sadra's philosophy and point at trace of it in philosophy of illumination.
Unlike of familiar view, author believes in that Sohrawardi does not accept principality of quiddity but also he is serious proponent of principality of being, the same reason which Mulla Sadra and his followers put forward upon principality of being find in view of Sohrawardi. Also author proves through causal relation in lights with Sohrawardi that cause confers existence or being to its effect rather than quiddity and itself is reason on principality and gradation of being.
Then, he points out the mentally-posited of being with Sohrawardi and concluded that by which is meant philosophical secondary intelligible which accepted by Sadra.