The Degrees of Spirit Manifestation in History



The present work is an attempt to explain the manifestation of Spirit in history and development of consciousness and achievement of freedom in Hegel's philosophical one, as the most comprehensive philosophical system. Therefore, the narration of this development and the presentation of this kind have no choice except to regard Hegel's "Encyclopedia of philosophical science" as the stand points of this manifestation and degrees of that development, if it has decided to attain the Truth and represent the preciseness of Hegel's system. In this Article, at the beginning, we will take "Spirit" or "consciousness" into consideration as a subjective affair that is concerned to analgzing of categories of thought in the form of Logic and following the absolute. But because of limitations of subjective world and tendency of consciousness to the objective world, it changes its way into objective affair in "Nature", and in "philosophy of Spirit" it finally attain his satisfaction of soul and identity of subject and object that is climax of consciousness and freedom.