Comparative study of some of related issues to faith in Rumi and Kierkegaard’s points of view



Study of the works of Rumi and Kierkegaard shows that both thinkers in some principles like faith and morality, faith and leap, and also in relation between Devil and faith, and destiny and faith, come to a common point. Both of them believe that human’s duty is to surrender to god’s will, and the devil is an obstacle against faith. They also put emphasize on the matter of leap in faith. Moreover, Rumi considers the realm of faith as including rational and non-rational subjects, but Kierkegaard considers these subjects not only non-rational, but also as ir-rational. Both of them believe that faith is dependant orthe invisible world, but its effects appear in this world.
In this article, we have tried to do a comparative study on common and similar beliefs and thoughts of these two thinkers with reference to their works.