Philosophical and causal approach to non-descriptivity of God



One of the deep relations of Nahj-Al-Balaghah with Quran is the reasoning of the Quran verses in Alavi speech, i.e in Nahj-Al-Balaghah. Imam Ali (p.b.u.h) proceeds to reasoning of Quranic verses in his life and we are acquainted with these reasoning in some sections of this book.
Indeed, we can find in it some of the intellectual and rational answers to divine verses. One of them is intellectual reasoning about conception of the verse: "glory be to him, and highly exalted is He above what they ascribe" (cattle/ 100).
This article indeavors to indicate two proofs in indescribability of God’s essensce and its reasoning: logial-syllogistic proof; and rational-philosophical proof.