Theosophical intuition



One of the special ways of god's cognition is intuition. In this article after offering the definition of this notion and explaining the difference between intuition and munificence, and also divine and devils intuition, we will imply the necessity of existence a criteria for truth and believe to these intuitions. Theosophies maintain that these criteria are reason, scripture, i.e. Quran, and tradition (sonnat).
Then we try to evaluate the reliability of intuition in Quranic verses as: god visage (leghaollah), god sincere servants (ebadollah-al mokhlesin), verse of intuition, verse of seeing sky and earth heavens, and etc. Moreover, we evaluated intuition from narratives (Revayat) and orisons (adiiyeh) viewpoint, i.e. narratives of Nahj al-Balagha, Mafatih al-Jinan and so on.