Islamization of Science: Review and Critique of Ziaeddin Sardar Viewpoints



The idea of Islamization of science is among the important issues of Islamic countries of which Ziaeddin Sardar proposed a new theory. In his theory, the critique of western secularism and orientalism play a central role. He has given a definition of science in the framework of cultural tradition, and has tried to refer to the tradition of Sunnah and Quran, by redefining Islamic fundamental terms, such as Towhid (Unity), and has emphasized on returning to the thought of Islamic great thinkers like; Al Gazzali and Ibn khaldun. At the same time, due to his realistic approach to the great achievements of the west, he has considered using it as unavoidable for reconstruction of Islamic science, that is, Muslims, by using methods of modern science in the light of Islamic worldview and pragmatic approach, can achieve the process of Islamization of Science.