Implementing the Idea of God and other Transcendental Ideas of Pure Reason in Kant Philosophy



Section three of The Critique of Pure Reason, transcendental dialectic, supplements the doctrine of knowledge on the first section i.e. transcendental analysis in an attempt to give a more clear meaning to this doctrine. Therefore, it mixes the critique of empiricism and favor of rationalism in the first section, into the critique of rationalism, and defense of empiricism in last one. As we know, "God", "Spirit" and "World" are three main transcendental ideas that always try to go behind the restricted affairs and understanding of categories; therefore they fall into contradictions and antinomies. This article will reveal how transcendental ideas of pure reason (such as God, Soul and World) on a regulatory way will help understanding to attain its unity and totality in principles and maxims by six various usages of ideas and by sustaining experience and experimental data.