The Possibility of Seddiqin Argument without Philosophical Presuppositions at Modern Logic



Allameh Tabatabaei has proposed the last and the shortest formulation of the “Seddiqin Argument” of which Javadi Amoli believes it provides no philosophical presuppositions and therefore can be the first question in Islamic Philosophy. The claim has yielded controversies pro and con. In the papers written on the subject matter, the claim has been criticized in particular and not in general. I try to see the claim in general and ask, “Is it possible in principle to argue for a god without any philosophical presuppositions?” In this paper, I formalize “existence of a god” in Henkin second-order logic equipped with modal connectives, and by its improvability at the logic, I show that it is not possible to prove the “existence of a god” without any philosophical presuppositions.