Analyzing of Theoretical and Practical Reason from the Professor Haeri’s Point of View



Since Ethics is one of the subdivisions of practical wisdom, Islamic philosopher’s view point is very important in explanation of theoretical and practical reason.
This paper is going to analyze the distinction between practical and theoretical reason from Haeri’s point of view. In order to finding the roots of his issue, at the beginning we will propose the idea of philosophers like Farabi, Ibn Sina, Qotb- al- din Razi, Mulla Sadra and Sabzevari; then we will have a review on Haeri’s view and his interpretation of Ibn Sina’s one.
With finding and highlighting of contradictions and differences in Ib Sina’s view point, He tries to resolve the antinomies undermining in his ideas about distinction between practical and theoretical reason. He also stands against the view of some thinkers, such as Qotb- al-Din Razi, and some Asuliyyin like Mozaffar, and challenges their ideas.