Justification of Religious Believe According to Their Psychological Application in Quran



In modern world, there is a strong need and necessity for defending of religion in different ways. One of the defenses that Nowadays is accepted by some people is pragmatic defense which is going to show the positive effects of religion in people's life. The present study is a pragmatic defense of religion which relies essentially on psychological function of religion.
For this reason at the beginning we investigated five significant psychological needs, i.e. the need for solving solitude feeling, controlling of the fear of death, finding a meaning for life, living in justice and peacefully, and finally attaining the hope for enduring the sufferings of life.
This study with investigating of the Qur'anic verses about these essential needs and evaluating of its commentaries according to a psychological approach and in a-posteriori manner will show that religion can suply much of human physical and spiritual needs.