The Prophecy of “Raj'at” at the End of Time, in Quran and the Bible View



The issue of “Raj'at” (the return) is one of the important prophecies about the end of time that exist both in Islamic and Judaic - Christian prophecies. According to the predictions of these religions, “Raj'at” at the time of the advent of “the promised person” (Al-Mahdi in Islam and Jesus Christ in Christianity and Messiah in Judaism) will occur.
This research is going to discuss these predictions about “Raj'at” in Torah and the other books of the Old Testament and in Gospels and the other books and Epistles of the New Testament and in Quran. In addition, we will try to show the similarities and differences between the three religions. This research shows that “Raj'at” is not only belong to Islamic sources, especially shi’ite; but also it is mentioned in Jewish and Christian sources. So “Raj'at” is one of the important prophecies of the divine religions.