The Coincidence of Immanence with Transcendent in Whitehead’s Process Philosophy



For analyzing the issue of coincidence of immanence with transcendence in Whitehead’s process philosophy, the present paper attempts at the beginning to show that in this process system, especially in the framework of inclusive and comprehensive categories, entities should be interweave and have organic interrelation; because all the actual entities have reaction against each other. So the prerequisite of permanent reactional relation of the world and its transformation into a web is a mutual interaction between God and world.
According to mutual interaction of God and world, in second step we try to extract the metaphysical basics of compatibility between immanence and transcendence in process philosophy. In the third step we deal with quality and circumstances of coincidence of immanence and transcendence in God and world; i.e. how God and world, from one hand, are caused transcendence and, from the other hand, immanent in each other. ...