A Research Concerning Dionysius’s Tradition in Christianity



Dionysius is one of the most important personages in Christian Mystic that some of his ideas were up to now popular ideas in Christian theosophy, Theology and Philosophy. Christian Doctrine and Neo-platonic Ideas are viewed as two main sources for his opinions; although he sometimes leans to one and the rest to another. For example, in discussion about Creation, Angelology and Trinity he tended to Neo-platonic Ideas.
The scope of his main studies can be as following: believe in Hierarchy system of the world, taking the relationship between faith and reason into consideration, making difference between appearance and reality of the Bible, and acceptance of several kinds of Theology. The importance of Hierarchical world in his ideas is so important that we can call him “the scientist of Hierarchy”. Moreover, his believe in a negative form of theology is well-known in Christianity.
His influence on middle age thinkers and ...