Faith and the Position of Act from Morjaeh and the Early Protestant Theologians Point of View



The key of salvation; as we all know is Faith. For this reason: 1) philosophers and theologians of any religion have tried to determine its essence and to explain its nature. 2) These debates have been very important in Islam and Christianity from the beginning.
One of the issues that have close connection with concept as well as the formation of faith, is “act”. Now the question that raises here is as follow: how is the relationship between faith and act? Is the case so that righteous action leads man into faith, or it is mainly outcome of faith?
The present paper is concerned with the conceptual analysis of faith according to Morjaeh (one of the early Islamic sects) and Protestantism (one of the three major Christian sects). I think that these two sects agree with each other in this issue that “action is not the essential pillar of faith”.