Christian Trinity from Moslem Theosophist’s Point of View



There are various aspects and dimensions in Christian religion which attracted the attention of mystics. One of these aspects is the doctrine of trinity. The Moslem theosophists, like other groups of scholars, have had a reaction against this issue and have criticized it.
However, there are some differences in mystic’s viewpoints in comparison with that of other scholars, especially the theologians. So, this article intends to study this issue from the viewpoint of a number of outstanding Moslem Mystics, and provide a general acquaintance toward their ideas about Christian trinity.
The article comes to the conclusion that, there is no consensus among mystics about the Christian trinity, and there are to some extent both tolerance and open-mindedness, and also criticism and rejection about it. Yet, in comparison with other non-mystics viewpoints, mystics tend to reveal some tolerance and verification which . . ..