Criticism of the doctrine of “inexistency of evils”



One of the most important and disputable problems in philosophy of religion is “the problem of evil”. At the course of the history, theologians have put forward different solutions to this problem. One of them which have been propounded by some western philosophers and almost all Islamic philosophers, is called the doctrine of “inexistency of evils”
So the main purpose of this article is as follow:
1. Criticizing of this doctrine and showing that: firstly, it cannot effectively solve the problem of evils; Secondly, some of those evils that Islamic philosophers called them evils per se, are concrete beings, not mere privations; such as darkness, death and pain.
2. Here I want to say that: even this inexistent (privation) are not evils per se, but evils by accident and there is only one evil per se that is concrete being, not mere.