Function of Reason in Understanding of the Qur’anic Verses: (Comparing MullaSadra and Ahsai’s View)



Among Muslim thinkers, MullaSadra and Ahsai are two important figures who have specific approach to the cognitive extents of the wisdom in understanding of the Qur’an as a revealed text.
One of the consecrate conditions of MullaSadra view about Ta’vil; is that from his point of view independent comprehension of Qur’anic Verses is permissible; but Ahsai believes that Ta’vil should not be contradictory with common apprehension of Qur’anic Verses as well as Traditions.
Moreover, Sadra believe that internal authority can help to reason’s intergrowth and prevent it from imitation and solidity. So, he never considers religion without rational principles. But Ahsai in no way believe in independency of the wisdom, and maintain that understanding of the religion by intellectual reasons, independently, is not allowed.
So, MullaSadra takes reason as a necessary means for understanding of Qur’an and Traditions. Whiles Ahsai, is more conservative in this respect and oppose with any...