Incorporeity of Soul from Descartes and Mulla-Sadra Viewpoint



The Soul in immaterial for Descartes, because it’s Inherent attribute; i.e. thought is immaterial. Moreover, it is independent from body and matter and has no extend. In his view, the Soul from the beginning has been immaterial, while Mulla-Sadra recognizes it as a corporeal object at the beginning, in generation, and immaterial afterward and survivance.
Mulla-Sadra demonstrates that, Soul needs material possibility for its becoming and being completed. He solves the problem of Duality and Relevance of the Soul and body in this way. But what is the correspondent and different points between these two major thinkers?
In this article we are going to discuss about “incorporeity of Soul” and their “attention to intuition and perception in understanding of truth”, as correspondent points; and about “the style of the existence of Soul”, “the manner of its incorporeity and distinction from or unity with body”, as different points.