Philosophical and Epistemological Approach to Salaffism



One of the remarkable concerns of existing thinkers in the field of philosophy of religion is question of philosophical and epistemological approach to ideological movements. Moreover, they explain their position toward reason and its epistemological value. The epistemological importance of this issue is because of its assumptions like: relation and situation of “Narration and Reason”, “revelation”, and “truth and falsehood” in the epistemological geometry and their functions. This matter recently has been important, because in addition to presenting the distinctive and epistemological sources of the dominant social sciences, Religion has been the origin of movements that promises a strong worldly movement on behalf of the religion and religious movements.
Meanwhile, the accelerating process of constituting of Salaffism in the Islamic world arouses the writer to scrutiny of the theoretical principles of this thought and basic ideas of this groups which, from the inception, ...