The Analysis of Cosmological Argument’s Basis in William Craig



William Lane Craig, American recent philosopher has tried with appealing to Cantor’s latest ideas and also theory of “Big Bang” in physics; present a new explanation of cosmological argument. His explanation which is called “Kalam- Cosmological Argument” is going to describe Moslem philosopher’s argument in this aspect, like Kendi and Ghazali. He makes efforts to refuse the doctrine of eternality of the world and prove that the world has come to existence in a special time. Moreover, he proves that the world in its creation needs to God as a creator.
So in this paper, first of all we will explain the Craig’s argument according to its basis and introductory views that have been used in it; then we will evaluation and criticize his basis by referring to Mulla-Sadra’s philosophy (Hikmat-Mota-Alye).