The Solution of Tabatabai for “Problem of Return” According to Sadraian Thought



According to the philosophical principles of higher Wisdom (Motealiyeh), especially the theory of Substantial Movement (hareka fil-jawhar) and Psychology, it look impossible for human being to return to worldly life after his/her death. So refutation of the theory of reincarnation in the Sadra’s system will not be very hard, especially when considering the rule of Impossibility of Return (Emtena Tarajo).
But in Islamic sources, especially in Shiite’s sources, we can find a pervasive believe in Returning to the worldly life that differs from reincarnation. I.e. Moslems Believe in Resurrection and Shiite’s believe in Resurrection and Returning of some elite humans at the End of time (Akharo-al-Zaman).
At the beginning, it seems very hard to explain this belief according to the principles of Sadraian Thought and to distinguish it from reincarnation; so that the proofs which alleged against the theory of reincarnation can do nothing with it (i.e. theory of Returning or Rajat). But some of New-Sadraians, like Allameh Tabatabaei have considered this issue. He has tried to explain this Belief and find the solutions for it by maintaining the Sadra’s philosophical principle and, at the same time, distinguishing between natural and sudden death (Moute Ekhterami).