Examination and Criticism of "New Kalam" Approaches And It’s Relationship to "Traditional Kalam"

Document Type : Research Paper



Today, it is necessary to determine the frontiers of sciences and to specify the weight of new knowledges, as new science or continuation of the same former science. Scholars have different viewpoints about the relationship between "Traditional Kalam" and "New Kalam". On the one hand, some hold that they are separate sciences with two different natures that differ from each other in all sides, even subject and goal; and on the other hand, most Scholars believe that there is no difference in nature between them and they maintain that "New Kalam" is continuation of "Traditional Kalam" and it's Stage of perfection, in some or all sides. This essay emphasizes the difference between "New Kalam" and "New Theology" and different origin of them, as well as it examins and criticizes "New Kalam" approaches in a scientific and logical method and tries to reach a theory that is more close to right. Finally, the result of this effort is to selection the theory of the similarity between "New Kalam" and "Traditional Kalam" in nature, but renewal of "kalam" occurs in some sides.