The conflict between Faith and Reason from Averooes and Mūlla Sadra’s Viewpoint

Document Type : Research Paper



This article is going to provide a solution for the issue of conflict between reason and faith from Mūlla Sadra and Averroes’s (Ibn Roshd) viewpoint. Both of them believe that there is no any real conflict between reason and faith; but a superficial one. So for solving this apparent conflict they appealed to interpretation and they find no way unless interpretation. With determining and counting off of principles for the interpretation and its result - i.e. peaceful coexistence of different religions and religious philosophers and theologians - Averroes has presented a new idea. On the other hand, Mūlla Sadra with emphasizing on the principles like: "Existentialism and hierarchical system of Being", "substantial motion", and "unification of wise and Reason with object", has explained the necessity of interpretation in general. The basis of Averroes’s works is a kind of Rationality, while Mūllah Sadra leans on philosophical and mystical issues.