An analysis Concerning Allameh Tabatabayi and 20th Century Theologians' Empirical Reasoning about Existence of God

Document Type : Research Paper



Beside intellectual and intuitional proofs for the existence of God, there are "empirical proof" that are clearer and more conceivable for ordinary peoples. the present article is going to analyses Allameh Tabatabayi and the twenty century western scholar's empirical proofs for the existence of God.
So moreover evaluating the values of both ones, we will explain their differences and similarities. "Design argument", "coming into existence" (hoduth) and the argument which is depend on "evolution theory", are considered as both Allameh and western thinkers' similarities; although both of them have special reasoning in this field. And about their differences we shall say that what Western philosophers understand from Hoduth argument, is only "coming into existence in time" (hoduth zamani), and merely uses about world, while what Allamah understand from it, is a "causality hoduth" in three different sphere of world, soul and bodies. "Motion proof" and abstract characteristics of Physics in twentieth century are known as Allameh and western scholars' special reasoning.