The Essence of Faith from Ein al-Quzat's Viewpoint

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Ein al- Quzat believes that Faith has a hierarchical degree of weakness and Strength. From his viewpoint Faith is the subject of heart and verification, a verification with acting in accordance with the commands of religion (shariah) and for kindness to the others. In his view, the lowest degree of faith is obedience from religious commands and preventing from what he banned for human being; and the highest degree of faith is the knowledge of this reality that "there is no God but Allah". He believes that attaining to the essence of faith and an experience from love needs Abrahamian faith. In his works, Ein al-Quzat has Beautiful explanations from essence of faith and uses great notions like: love, meeting Lord, self-knowledge and unity of being. Although a true believer is absorbed into God, but he lives in society and Interacts with others. This important point that is conclusion of true faith, is called "Affirmation after obliteration".