Epistemological Analysis for Theory of Supreme Unification of Religions

Document Type : Research Paper



The idea of relation between religions is one of important subjects in comparative religion, philosophy of religion and new theology. In this respect, from one hand the theory of plurality and diversity of religions, and on the other hand globalization, which is one of outcomes of our modern world, has lead human beings on some new attitudes about relation of religions like: exclusivism, pluralism and inclusivism. Frithjof Schuon and other Traditionalists believe in ''The supreme Unity of Religions''. According to him there is a real unity between religions which is internal and supreme. with emphasizing on Divine origin of religion and distincting between form and substance of religion ( whether it is exoteric or esoteric), and with applying useful concepts and keys such as ''absolute and relative'' he concludes that diversity of religions is an effect of differentiations of inspirations and it's compatibility with human beings capacity. In his metaphysical view point, diversity of the sacrifice forms is not an obstacle for real unity of religions in highest degree of existence, and Although the majority of human beings, or at least advocates of exotericism cannot realize this supreme unity; but theosophies who have gnostic or esoteric thought, will realize the internal and supreme unity of religions through intellectual intuition and spiritual.