Immateriality of Soul from Reason and Religion’s Viewpoint in Mūlla Sadra’s philosophy

Document Type : Research Paper



According to the theistic view, revelation and reason are two consistent categories; because both of them have driven from the same root that is source of existence and all attributes of perfection. So moslem philosophers with appealing to this theistic issue have efforted to prove the consistency of reason’s outcomes with pure content of SHARIĀT. One of the greatest issues that Mullah_Sadra has tried to prove it’s consistency with religion, especially with Islamic Shariăt, is Immateriality of the soul. He believes that the former's arguments in this respect are certain; because they are in accord with both his philosophical foundations (like "corporeal in generation and spiritual in perpetuity"), and with religious doctrines (verses or narratives in realm of religion). Immateriality and independence of soul have relationship with the most important topics of world-view. The subject of Theism, prophecy and especially resurrection, have direct connection with self-realization. In so far as only with affirmation of immateriality and independence of the soul from body, belief in resurrection and gathering day will be plausible. Although there are controversies among philosopher about the idea of independence of soul from body. in this article we will set it forth for discussion.