An overview Concerning the Foundation of Religious Knowledge According to Allameh Tabatabaei`s Viewpoint

Document Type : Research Paper



Religious knowledge is consists of doctrines that could be attain with a
methodological cognition and inquiry concerning religious sources. But the
Prerequisite of This kind of knowledge is some principles that from which
scholarly studies on religion is begin and leads to conclusion. Allameh
Tabatabaei, in his efforts to achieve a regular and accurate cognition of
Religion according to his Special principles, has focused on this point and
introduces some presuppositions that with exceeding from which one may
perceive religious teachings. He has also two presuppositions:
epistemological and ontological. The possibility of analyzing and evaluating
of religious knowledge, is an epistemological presupposition; and belief in
God, religion, human ability and the world of existence, is considered as
ontological presupposition. So he believes that an accurate understanding of
religion would be possible only if we try to transcend from these
presuppositions and use our principles of religious knowledge.