The Doctrine of Maryam verse: Woman in Interaction with Custom and Chastity

Document Type : Research Paper


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Holy Quran’s commentators according to their different ideological
approaches and scientific capabilities, have given different explanations
from Quranic verses. Because they are affected first of all, by the depth of its
Content and then by implications that are used in it. In this article we are
going to analyze some of the Maryam verses, concerning custom and
chastity (16-32) with a descriptive-analytical method. So we will analyze the
linguistic structure and various levels of the meanings, and the context of
these verses; and with emphasizing their textual structure's cohesion, and
with patterning it out, and appealing to the verses themselves and their
doctrines, we will make a new inquiry about Quranic concepts. This research
will illuminate that the linguistic syntaxes of this verses along with structural
and thematic cohesion, are founded upon ideational and interpersonal metafunctions.
In holy Quran The story of Maryam and her faith-oriented actions
were formed with her interacting with custom and emphasizing the
significance of observing chastity. The chastity and interaction with customs
were formed the linguistic structures of the doctrine of Maryam and its
cohesion and speech acts.