The Process of Intuitive Perception and its Transferring to the Mystical Propositions

Document Type : Research Paper



The philosophy of theoretical Mysticism, as one of the branches of
philosophy of mysticism, concern with different issues like: Epistemological
foundations of Theoretical Mystic; the quality and the manner of this
intuition for mystic; the manner of transferring this intuition to a proposition
by mystic; and so on. This article is articulated according to two above
mentioned purposes, i.e. the process of intuitional cognitions, and the
process of transferring intuitional cognitions to propositions. At the first
aspect, beside explaining the domain of intuitional cognition, I will discuss
three essential condition of intuition as follow: the principle of coordination,
relevance, and influence. And at the second aspect, after taking the issue of
'witness' into consideration, I will first of all, divide the experimental
concept of things into "supposition" and "admission"; and then I will
interpret them according to mystical thought. At the end, I have divided
mystical admissions into descriptive, explanatory, interpretational, deductive
and comparative propositions.