The Demonstration of God's Existence through Consciousness, Examining Moreland's View

Document Type : Research Paper



In recent time deductive proof for the existence of God, i.e. Demonstration
through consciousness, is one of the most influential way that thinkers like
Robert Adams and Richard Swinburne have followed it. But the newest
version of this proof is belong to Moreland. This article is going to examine
Moreland's view in four parts: Some preliminary points will presented in two
first part. In third part we are going to introduce Moreland proof which is
followed through consciousness and maintain that the best option for
explanation of the problem of consciousness is "theism". In next part the
adversary options and alternative for theism are presented. And At the end,
after taking Moreland's proof into consideration, finally we will criticize this
argument and explain its deficiency and defect.