The Philosophy of Ending of Prophethood (Khatamiyyat) with Prophet of Islam (p.b.u.h)

Document Type : Research Paper



Understanding The principle of Ending Prophethood (KHATAMIYYAT)
with prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) depends on accurate investigation of
some important issues including: explanation of the Quran as immanent
miracle; the meaning of intellectual maturity of people when Islam rises; the
meaning and function of Vicar (IMAMAT), and finally the meaning of
comprehensiveness and completeness of Islam. For this reason, in
comparison with the miracles of the other prophets, the unique properties of
Quran as an immanent miracle of the Prophet of Islam, will be considered.
Moreover we should pay attention to the importance of relative maturity of
Muslims at that time. that is to say, it is a biological and historical fact that
by this time early Islam's people had reached to some abilities to enable
them to grasp the verses of holy Quran and Hadith and preserve it from
distortion. In addition, the principle of Vicar (IMAMAT) which was
repeatedly enounced by the Prophet Muhammad himself, is an evidence and
indication for ending of prophethood. Finally, all the Quranic verbal and
practical teachings of the Prophet Muhammad that called Tradition,
(SUNNAT) and "HADITH", show that these teachings are universal,
permanent and unchangeable, and could conduct both the temporal and
spiritual needs of Human beings. Islam from the beginning has destined the
guidance and leadership of its followers; first of all by a determined Imam,
and then by religious scholars that called "FAGHIH".