The Relationship between Reason and Religion from Motahhari's Viewpoint

Document Type : Research Paper



One of the oldest and controversial issues That first springs to philosophers
and theologians mind was relationship between reason and religion, and one
of the consequences of This controversies were division of philosophers and
theologians to fideism or inclusive and moderate critical rationalist.
According to martyr Motahhari, reason in itself does not contradict religion;
and when reason conflicts with religious law, reason should be regarded as
authoritative. According to him, reason comprehends the spirit of Islam and
acts accordingly; although, it may apparently conflict with some narrations
and traditions. He neither believes in fideism and nor could justify Clifford's
inclusive and strong rationalism. However, it seems to me that he agree with
moderate rationalism of Thomas Aquinas and the like; although his idea in
this respect to some extent is differ from them, especially in explaining of
this problem.