The Conversion of God's will (Bada`), Acceptance or Repudiation

Document Type : Research Paper



Among Islamic sects There are two groups that disagree about the issue of
Bada`: Imamiyeh or Shiites, from one hand considers Bada` as one of the
original principles of Islamic beliefs and In order to prove this believe they
have proposed four reasons, among which the most important is the deletion
and notation verse (Mahv va Esbat) in Quran. On the other hand, Sunni's
scholars are strongly against the issue of Bada` and believe that one of its
implications and consequences is acceptance of God's knowledge after his
ignorance, while this is not admissible about God. The lexical meaning of
Bada` is emersion after hiding; but Imamiyeh does not intend such a
meaning. The meaning that they educe from the word Bada`, is “the change
in people`s life path via their actions” and all scholars (Shiites and Sunnie)
accept this fact. Therefore this conflict is indeed a lexical dispute, rather than
a semantic. because, the fact which here is denieded, is not actually believed
in, and what is believed in, has not been denied.