Philosophy of Mysticism: a critical analysis An Analysis and criticism of W. T. Stace's Mysticism and Philosophy

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Philosophy as an activity is a systematic rational thinking about any subject. Throughout history mysticism has been one of the interesting subjects for philosophers. Mystics in various cultures and traditions claim to have discovered a way to the inner aspect of the world and its secrets. Some mystics has expressed their findings in their mystical experiences and presented their vision of the world and the human nature. Here, philosophers in their own turn tried to scrutinize the nature of mysticism and mystics' claims, and their basis and consequences. This field of knowledge is called "philosophy of mysticism." One of the turning points in philosophy of mysticism is Stace's Mysticism and Philosophy. This work covers the most important issues in the field in areas such as epistemology, ontology, and philosophy of mind. Because of the especial importance of this book and its influence in the world and particularly in Iran, introducing and comparatively analyzing, and criticizing it is especially important.
Since philosophy of mysticism is a new field of study in Iran, and there is not enough works in this area, this study can be considered as one of the first steps in the formation of this area of knowledge.