Assoation between Globalization and religious education

Document Type : Research Paper


1 (Ph.D.) University of kashan

2 (M.A) University of kashan


Globalization has today removed many of the spacio-temporal borders between societies and cultures. In the Islamic culture, Islamic education is a central concept which is undeniably tied with the issue of globalization. Some researchers see globalization and becoming global as synonymous. This study uses a descriptive framework to define the tow concepts and to show their relationships with Islamic education in three dimensions: First, Globalization can be an end for Islamic education or it can be part of it in the process of becoming global. Second, Islamic education can be paradoxically opposed to globalization, differing with it in nature in spite of similarities. Third, globalization can be a threat for becoming global and Islamic education can be a threat as well, resulting in a gap in values. Having discussed the present issues, this paper offers suggestions for making religious education effective.