The provisions of Philosophy in Islam

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, School of Theology Farabi Tehran University campus

2 Master of Divinity student at Payam Noor University, Qom


In all societies it is normal for a group of physicians' s up and sit in parliament named legislatures, and laws are enacted to govern human society and its development. All of them, without exception, each and every program in the Materials and corruption are considered And then there is the lack of interest and corruption, or rather the interests of the corruption, the law must be enacted. Sometimes the days and months in state legislatures and commissions, and the following issues are to achieve the desired result. They claim that all materials are not in the interests of society and the individual or group of people in your party, Although this claim may be true, but never in any country without legal status are not taking the steps mentioned. It may act in unpredictable problems - due to the limitation of human knowledge - to update Note that immediately try adding one or more of the former Act, to fix it Note added to it again, and if that does not work and it was not the law in the interests of the cancellation, said.