analysis of the view of nothingness of evils

Document Type : Research Paper



Problem of evil is something which is considered against existence of God or his attributes like being omnipotent and absolutely good. Philosophers and theologians have tried to solve this problem by different ways. The solution which is accepted by Muslim philosophers is the nothingness of evils. According to this opinion evils are not except nothing of essence or perfections of essence. In this article this opinion is expounded then pains and turmoils (which are considered as objection against existence of god) are analyzed. The opinion which is defended in this article is that by accepting the principles of philosopher view, pains are not as an objection against them, but the point of view of Muslim philosophers has for problems:
- Evils which are nothingness of perfection of the essence are existent
- Problem of evils is not solved by their opinion
- Evils often require existential evils
- Their opinion is opposite of Islamic scriptures.