Aristotle influences on Plotinus' Emanation

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1 Associate Professor of Western Philosophy, Imam Khomeini International University

2 Imam khomeini International University


Plotinus' attempt to counter the Aristotle critiques on Plato's theory of ideas, leads to his theory of emanation, which is called double act doctrine. Plotinus is influenced by Aristotle, not only in raising the problem of emanation quality, but the language and terms (including reasonable matter, indefinite dyad and activity) that are used to describe his theory. Also, the theory of the double act doctrine in some important respects is influenced by Aristotle's theory of potentiality and actuality, and the ultimate agency of unmoved first motivator.
On the Base of these influences, Plotinus is a Neo-Aristotelian just as he is a Neo-Platonist philosopher and his ideas aren't pure imitation, but creative synthesis between the ideas of Plato and Aristotle.