Anti- Aristotelianism In Judaism Influenced by Ghazali (With emphasis on view of yehuda helevy)

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor of philosophy, Tehran university


In the middle ages, there are many intellectual currents In Judaism.A current of thought is in disagreement with the philosophy. Some have criticized philosophers from theological perspective and grups have criticized philosophy With the help of fallcy and its own this regard.helevy has a privileged position.He emphasized on the limits of reason and insufficient in explaining the theologica matters. He held special significance for religious experience and tradition.kuzari is His most important book.Much of the book is dedicated to disagree with Aristotle.While he respects reason, emphasized on limitations and inadequacy of reason. He impressed by Ismailis emphasized upon the impossibility of explaining the religious beliefs by reason and causality, Because they are relevant to the world of Amr, While causal explanation is relevant to the world of creation. So religious experience of believers and tradition is the best guaranty relating to world of Amr.This paper tries to explain his views on the limits of reason And the inadequacy of Aristotle for justifiy beliefs.